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What Signs Are There?

Your garage door's opener is a little like the brain that causes everything to function, as it houses the motor that helps to power the whole system. This makes it important, and therefore fairly noticeable when things start to go wrong. Aside from your door behaving strangely and not seeming to want to work, other signals that something is off may be loud noises and sudden reversing.

What May Have Caused The Trouble?

The biggest cause of garage door opener malfunction is simply various parts wearing out. Most people use their door at least twice a day to come and go, and that daily use adds up over time. This, paired with a lack of maintenance, means that the parts are bound to wear out or rust over time. Bolts may loosen from the motions over the years, or the antenna that communicates with the remote and wall pad may have been damaged.

We Can Help Repair It!

Whatever the issue may be, our professionals are glad to assist you as soon as possible! Our expertise covers a large range of various opener brands, and we carry parts that correspond with them as well. This means you won't have to worry about whether we'll be able to tend to your particular opener or not! We'll either repair whatever the source of the trouble is, or replace parts that are too worn with something new. Either way, it’ll be back to normal before you know it.

Installation Also Available!

Sometimes, openers can simply be too old to work well anymore, no matter what repairs are done. If this is the case, or if you decide to upgrade to a better one either way, we'll handle that too! We can remove the old one, and install the new model of your choosing quickly. You'll be back on track with your busy schedule in no time!

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