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There are garage doors repairs that must be done on your door

For one, the condition of your garage door can add or reduce the value of your property. If it looks in top shape and everything is in working order it will rise up your property value. The following are five repairs or replacements that should be done on your garage door at all times.Garage Door Repair

* Door off Track- If your garage door is not set on the tracks accurately then the door will be unable to roll up and down like it is designed to.

* Broken Emergency Release- This is a kit that you can purchase and put on your garage door tracks. If you do not have one, then you should. They help changing the automatic door to manually move. If it is broken it can make the door crash down.

* Replace Section of Garage Door- There are garage doors called sectional doors. They roll up and are automated. These come in panels. These panels can get broken and may need replacing. Replace these sections or your garage door will look tacky.

* Weather Strip- The weather stripping on your garage door is the same as the weather stripping you can put on your house doors and windows. It is to keep elements like cold weather out. These get cracked and stripped off. Have these replaced as needed.

* Bottom Garage Door Rubber- There is a rubber seal at the bottom of the garage door. If there is not, then you need one. They keep the rain water from coming in under the door. These crack and get holes in them. They need replaced yearly.

These are all things that you should always keep an eye on with garage door repair. You can ask our professionals to come to your house and check these five things and many others. We will tell you what needs to be done and also do the work for you.

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